After months of pondering and stalling and ‘researching’ (i.e. hours spent pouring over my favorite blogs) I am taking the plunge and starting my OWN blog! A place for family and friends to catch up on the adventures we have and to see how we turn our house on Lark Street into our first home!

Here is a quick introduction to the residents:


Zach and I meet in 2008 at Drury University where we were both going to school. We were set up by sorority sisters of mine for a blind date dance and have been together ever since. I would say it was his up-to-no-good smile that got me hooked. He’d probably say that it was my sarcasm. We love costume parties, sporting events and weekend trips here and there to keep things interesting.

This past July we bought our first house and couldn’t be happier. At times it has been an exercise of patience (why can’t we just be made of money?!) but it has also been full of joy.


In 2012 our lives became complete, we adopted Noah. A friend was working at a local no-kill animal shelter named C.A.R.E. when Noah was brought in. Knowing that we were on the dog search, she sent us his picture and the rest is history. We don’t know much about the first year and a half of his life but from the time we’ve had together I know these things:

  • He is obsessed with fleece blankets
  • He is a mega cuddler
  • He loves car rides and peanut butter
  • He makes my heart explode from cuteness overload about every day

That’s us in a nutshell! Check back for future posts on cooking, (attempts at) decorating, the occasional DIY project and other misadventures of a 20-something!

Until next time!

-Jenny Kay


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