Friday Faves

After a crazy week of on and off snow days, it is finally Friday! Better yet, the weather is expected to be nice AND it’s Zach’s birthday Saturday! The day will be celebrated with birthday breakfast, friends, bowling and beer. May the good times, and cold brew, roll!

One of the link-ups I’ve enjoyed following the past few months is Five on Friday hosted by The Good Life Blog. The concept is list five things that make you happy, then link-up and click around to other blogs to read similar posts. Secret confession: I’ve been fake writing these in my head for months now. Ex: Mmm this Toni & Joe’s mimosa is totally worthy of Five on Friday. Without further hesitation, here is my first, official Five on Friday (minus the pretty image clusters because I haven’t quite figured how to do those yet…)


I made my first J.Crew purchase this week! I signed up for their emails last year but was able to avoid the temptation until recently (darn you snow days!). 40% off clearance? Bright red skies? Deal.Image

{graphic tee, necklace)

I’m thinking red plaid shirt (mine is from Marshalls but here is similiar: shirt, shirt) with this tee underneath and some red boot socks (ideas: socks, socks). The giraffe necklace doesn’t go with the outfit but I couldn’t pass up its charm and I’m bad about skipping out on accessories.


I went to Target on Thursday for a binder and left with a cart full of clearanced home goods. True story: women were swarming while they were marking things down 70%. Shame on me for being one of those swarmers but getting this basket for $10 was pretty awesome. It is currently being used as an attractive hamper.


(sold out online, similar here)


My hair is naturally pretty straight and grows easily but it gets staticy in the winter and dry in the summer. Enter the best hair oil I’ve ever used. It’s less than six dollars and doesn’t leave hair too greasy. I use a drop the size of a dime before blow drying. (Note: The bottle used to be blue, but I’ve found the product stayed the same. So no need for a change-of-packaging-heartattack like I had.)



Today was ‘Eat Lunch with the Teacher’ day, an incentive for reading 20 nights out of the month. It’s just 15 minutes, but the kids go nuts for it and I enjoy hearing the little things they like to talk about with each other. It’s a lot of voting like, raise your hand if you like peanut butter, raise your hand if you like Monsters University. It sounds like silly conversation but I think it’s how they figure out where they fit in with the world. My favorite from today was this little gem: “I love all kinds of dogs, Ms. Kay. I love hot dogs, corn dogs, AND Golden Retrievers! One time, I even saw a Dachshund dressed up as a hot dog.” Her mind was blown and my day was made 🙂

Since this item doesn’t have a picture to go with it, here is another animal related treasure: kitty photo shoot


This last one goes out to dairy, grains, alcohol, soda, beans, peanut butter, soy and ketchup. Random? Almost. Starting Monday, Zach and I are embarking on a Whole30 adventure. We picked the 13th because it’s after his birthday but ends in time for Valentine’s Day (i.e. my favorite holiday). We’re hoping it gets us back into better eating habits and moving more. So this weekend is for you fatty, sugary foods and booze! (Check back next week for Whole30 recipes and updates on how it’s going!)


ImageI can be in picture?


I should also mention the hair oil smells good enough to eat. Here Noah is testing that out.

Five on Friday


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