Zach and Jenny Conquer the Garage

We had unseasonably warm weather this weekend so we jumped at the chance to clean up the garage. Originally the plan was to spend just Saturday on this but as house projects go, we ended up spending both days. Here is the before:


Randomness includes, but is not limited to, yard tools, sports equipment, lawn chairs, three coolers, empty boxes from our move and things we don’t have a place for in the house just yet (ie vinyl records). So we set off to Lowe’s and bought a wire shelf, some hooks of various sizes, tool clamp bar, a step stool and a Mountain Dew (whoops!). At the point we had lost our daylight so we met up with some friends and called it a day. Sunday we got back to it and mounted the wire shelf and yard tool clamps then realized we needed more stuff from Lowe’s. This time we got a stud finder, a new level that was actually level, some dry wall hooks, washers, and putty to cover the holes from not having a stud finder. 3 smashed fingers, 2 trips to Lowe’s and 1 trash dumpster later…


The lighting wasn’t very good so here are close ups of the two biggest changes.


We already had this shelf here but it had become a catch all for randomness and half empty boxes. So we resorted, labeled boxes and called that corner good. The yard tools are hung with a clamp bar that was only $6! We had doubts about its quality but for our needs, it’s perfect. The two shovels are on separate hooks because they were too awkward to group with anything.


Is it weird to say I’m excited over a wire shelf? $30 well spent. Nothing up there is too heavy but they are super bulking and perfect surfaces for plopping other crap so having them up high is perfect. Then we got two long padded hooks for the lawn chairs, hung up a poster from college and set up boxes to start recycling plastics and glass. When we moved into the house we had an extra trash can and Zach suggested keeping it in the garage for when we clean out our cars. It was one of the best lifehacks he’s ever thought of. It makes a HUGE difference. We also broke down boxes to take to the recycling center and filled a box with items to donate. We had a white board left over from one of my college apartments and not wanting to let it got to waste we found a use for it…


Can you tell I’m eager for spring??


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