Friday Faves: Poor Girl Study Essentials

Time for this another round of Five on Friday Faves! This week’s is a list of things I have found to add joy to the otherwise (at times) tedious task of studying (reading about fractions=worse than doing fractions). Another defining feature is their affordability and availability.

In undergrad, studying was a whole different ball game. You studied with friends or mid morning watching TV, then you’d take a break to go eat lunch in the cafeteria. You’d see a friend and end up on some adventure to a thrift store or coffee shop. Now studying is after working a full day, by myself, in the cold, still-lacking-an-area-rug office. There is opportunity for joy to be added.


Pandora. Ok, so you’d have to live under a rock to not have heard of Pandora but I’ve been jamming out to the Lorde station lately and it’s been awesome.



Exotic? Locally sourced? No. Cheap and tasty? Yes. Last semester my study drink of choice was Fanta while I ate hundreds of Teddy Grahams. Obviously those are not ‘good choices’ so green tea is my replacement. The caffeine keeps me awake for homework but not past bedtime, while adding lemon keeps it interesting.



Bath and Body Works Mason Jar Candles. I have Vanilla Snowflake which didn’t have an image but I highly recommend it if you are looking for a candle that has a familiar vanilla scent but not too overwhelming. Also, it’s under 12.50 so if you get their coupons you can use the Get an Item Free couponfor it. Done and Done. Added bonus: When the candle is used up, you have a very solid mason jar to repurpose. The possibilities are endless…



Now that you’ve saved all that money it’s time to buy invest in the best pair of socks known to man. At $26.95 these Smartwool socks could seem pricey but when you consider their price per wear, it is well worth it (side note: sometime you can find them at Marshalls for $15). I have 3 pairs, and my pair from high school looks as nice as the newest pair. I like to wear them with my thin boots to school and any other moment between October and March. How do they relate to studying necessities? Sitting at a desk for hours makes my feet turn into icicles so these are a must to stay cozy.



This little study buddy. While I can say his adorableness is uplifting, I cannot claim his sleeping places to be ideal. As in this picture when he passed out on the iPad or when he claims my arm and half the keyboard for all of sleepy dog kind. Although now that I think of it, he has been a lot less interested in keeping me company since the Teddy Grahams saw their way out. Hmm…


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