Weekend Recap

We had a packed social calendar this weekend and it didn’t disappoint. We kicked it off with joining the Fry’s at Bambino’s where we left with enough leftovers for two more meals each. Then we nixed downtown due to the cold and opted instead for the fleece blanket on our couch. Naturally a photoshoot followed…

Saturday Zach ran up to the lake to buy a bike and I knocked out some homework. It totally sucked but was worth it when I got to enjoy Sunday’s freakishly beautiful weather. Saturday night we met up with our friends Ian and Lara who live only miles away and yet we hardly see. Bad friend of the year: this guy. Hopefully we made up for it a bit by introducing them to the wonderful Galloway Grill. Mmm beer-battered fries 🙂 After which we meet up some fantastic birthday girls and went for a LIMO ride around the town. Having never been in a limo, I was very impressed.


Sunday’s high was 62 and words cannot describe how good it was for the soul. We’ve pinched pennies on every home purchase and been watching grill prices for what feels like forever, so Sunday I announced that the wait was over. No coupons, no Craigslist, NO wasting this beautiful day. We were going to spontaneously buy a grill and make wings.


And I am so glad we did.

Then the weather decided the fun was done and today was a depressing, windy, winter day where I believe I have gotten the beginnings of a cold. I’m distracting myself with Valentine’s Day crafts, details to follow. 🙂


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