Snow Day Dreaming

When the snow starts falling, I have 2 instincts: eat everything in sight & day dream. In my head, Snow Day Jenny has a very busy day. First she wakes up at 6 and does the treadmill, then she has homemade waffles and freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Plus, a ramekin of fresh berries and coffee.

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After breakfast she does the laundry which comes out the right color and not wrinkled. With all the folding out of the way she re-does her manicure and accessorizes. It looks like this but she has Starbucks and an Aztec patterned sweater. And thigh gap. Probably from the a.m. treadmill sesh.



Snow Day Jenny has beautiful handwriting and uses it to write chipper correspondence to friends far away and to-do lists for a constructive afternoon. After Instagramming a well lit lunch of some exotic grain and leafy greens, she crafts. And she crafts hard. I mean hot glue is flying, paint brushes are getting crazy and projects are getting done. Make a headboard from an old pallet? Done and blogged. Then Snow Day Jenny does some homework with color coded highlighters and post its. When the mail comes, Snow Day Jenny takes the mail man a fresh, hot coffee to say ‘Thank for all you do!’ to which the mail man will not think it’s weird and will instead say ‘You’re the best Snow Day Jenny!’

Reality: I wake up with just enough time to make Zach and I breakfast before he heads to work, get back in bed to watch HGTV until noon, then eat half a block of Colby Jack cheese while waiting for my TV dinner to cook in the microwave for lunch. After more TV, I  usually stumble into the shower only to put back on yoga pants then maybe start laundry. Chances are I’ll get side tracked and next thing I know Zach is home from work and the day is over. Fin.

The good news is that a snow day is bonus day. It’s a day to do whatever you want and be who ever you want. And this snow day isn’t over just yet…





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