A Girl and Her Glue Gun

One of the project I’ve been working on lately is taming the corners of the office. That room is intended to be the formal dining room but we don’t have much need for that so we have a table set up as a desk. We also have a corner of it taken up with Noah’s kennell, another with a computer Zach built but isn’t sure what to with, some folding dinner chairs and the printer on a short wire bookcase. It’s a room that gets a ton of use because it serves about a thousand different purposes, in fact, we actually call it the dogffice. The result is lots of little piles with no real direction, which isn’t exactly what you want for the first room people see when they come into your house. 

The corner I’ve decided to take on first is the bookcase with the printer. Since I’d eventually like to put an area rug in there and it turns out those are kind of expensive, this project had to be on the cheap. This ruled out buying a closed cabinet with more storage or a new shelf that was easier on the eyes. I was perplexed until I emptied a Sam’s Club sized box of K-Cups and realized exactly what I needed to do… make my own storage boxes to hide the all the randomness! 

For this project I used roughly two yards of fabric, a hot glue gun and 2 boxes. The basic premise is that you wrap the box like you would a present but here are some photos to show the steps I took. 




Here is the second box I used. Yes, it’s a beer box. The packaging is so neat I hated covering it up! For both boxes I cut off the top.




I set the box on the fabric and cut out a square big enough to have about 2 inches extra on each side. This is where it was the most like wrapping a present. Once I had it cut out I put a drop of hot glue under each of the bottom corners so the box wouldn’t move around. Then I started with the shortest sides, laying the box on the side I was working with to see where to cut. I left about a centimeter extra to go over the edge of the box. You’ll see why later. To attach the fabric to the box I put a line of glue along the top of the side and pulled the fabric tight over the box. Once it dried I went back and glued down the sides.




After doing the two shortest sides, I laid the box on one of the longest side and cut the extra fabric off. Again, I left about a centimeter extra so that there wasn’t a raw edge on the corner. I used the hot glue gun to place the ‘hem’, doing my best to make it straight (I only had to redo one edge!). I glued the long sides down the same way, putting a line along the top (facing out), pulling the fabric tight and then doing the sides. 




I glued the fabric down on the inside. This part was pretty easy, but I needed a lot of glue so I suggest you don’t use a small crappy glue gun like I did (sorry thumb!).

Final product…



Add some jute and there ya go! I can’t commit to how these will be arranged on the shelf or which junk they’ll hold so the jute can be moved. Once I know exactly what their contents will be I have burlap tags I plan to add. Here they are on the shelf…




Nope, it’s a Noah photobomb! Let’s try that again…



Ta da! That my friends is how you hide random odds and ends with a couple recycled boxes and a few dollars of fabric! How do you organize awkward areas of your home?


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