A lull in the fighting.

This week has been really exciting and busy for the teaching side of my life. At about 2 p.m. Sunday I started working on homework and haven’t stopped moving since. This week I am very fortunate to be attending Interface, a math and science conference in its 30th year (they celebrated tonight with delicious cake!).


Breakfast of Champions Sleepies

Its been a long day, waking up at 4:00 a.m. to get to our first session on time, but to get to put together all the things I’ve been learning in class has been really nice. It’s inspiring to see my peers present to other teachers from across the state and mind blowing to think that next year it could be me. Yikes!

Being gone meant a long list of things to get done and while I would love to say I kept my cool, I didn’t. Tuesday morning I was super grouchy but thankfully Zach was able to be the grown up when I wasn’t.

Me: *whiny voice* My outfit is boring.

Zach: If you walk around all day like it’s boring, it’ll be boring.

Me: Touche.

It reminded me that I had a choice on how I handled the stress. I can be all Debby Downer, woe is me or I can see it as the adventure it is. The clouds parted and I saw that all the things I had going on were good things. Homework for the program I’ve wanted to do for years, trip to a conference that will make me a better teacher, sub plans for a job I love and dishes because I have food to eat. Why am I being so grumpy! So that’s my focus. Enjoy the little things, take deep breaths and remember that life is an adventure worth taking. I leave you with this…



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