Five on Friday: Valentine’s Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Since I was in middle school, Valentine’s Day has been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s my love for red or the fact that I felt it was a holiday where I could shape my own traditions, but something about it has captured my excitement. I feel like it’s a day to celebrate all the love you have in your life… friends, family, animals, the sunshine etc. I have never limited myself to just one Valentine. I like to tell everyone how much they mean to me on Valentine’s Day! (although sometimes I’m cryptic about it…) Here are some of the ways we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day…



I’ve seen a million renditions of the love frame on Pinterest and wanted to do my own take on it. I found the frame at Michael’s, as well as the gold and red scrapbook paper. This project was so easy, I literally made it while I cooked dinner. The letters were the hardest part, I cut out a template from white paper and then used an exacto knife to cut them out from the gold paper. In hindsight, I wish I would’ve done capital letters. The other frame is from Target during my big score where I got this basket, and has the same red paper plus the poem Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson. They are both festive, and easily reused for other purposes!



What is a national holiday without a chalkboard? I went simple with this one because I think this chalkboard might be on it’s last leg… And the drink? Only the classiest for this girl! Ok. It’s Crystal Light.



I made these Valentines with my class where the outside said ‘I *picture of a mustache* ask you a question…’ The inside had their picture like mine with the words ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ The got the mustache prop is from Michael’s for $1 and I threw some black paint on it during our snow days. You would’ve thought I had a puppy for them to hold they were so excited! And yes, this will be the card Zach gets for Valentine’s Day.



I mentioned in a previous post that I was sending cards to my Valentines who are far away, here is what I did for my Valentines at work! I’m a sucker for Target’s Dollar Spot paper straws! The tags are from the gift wrapping section of Target and were $1 for 4. The ribbon I already had, so the only real cost was the $3 Izze! And of course, they were sold out of the Pomegranate which would’ve fit the theme better but all their flavors are delicious!



Today I was looking through pictures and found these. I feel they are proof that Zach and I were totally destined to be each others Valentines. The top picture is from when we were in college and the bottom picture is from a family trip to the zoo when I was little.     Trouble. Makers.

Our Valentine’s Day plan for the evening is dinner at our favorite restaurant to celebrate over spirits and beer battered fries, then big plans to come home and cuddle with Noah while watching a classic movie. It seems like only yesterday we were poor college kids celebrating Valentine’s Day with Subway and Top Gear!

How do you celebrate the day?

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